PUTIH KHMER IMPORT provides different services in laundry business, such as consulting, sales & installation and maintenance.



PUTIH KHMER IMPORT can guide you for choosing the suitable equipment you need, for any laundry business investment. Give us your objectives in term of laundry volume ; we will estimate your needs and advise you on the best choice of materials for you to have the best return on investment.

With our Primus logo RGB official partnership, we can also provide a drawing of your laundry and a 3D view which will give you a clearer look at what the finished product will look like.



We provide our client one of the highest quality standard equipment, with the famous brand Primus logo RGB official. Our products are all guaranteed one year. Please, go to “PRODUCTS” on our website to learn more about it.

After installation, we can also provide a training on the equipment for your staff on site.



The key questions before purchasing an high value material are “where can I get the maintenance service ?”, “how can I get the spare parts ?” and “where can I find a technician who knows about my equipment ?”, in case of troubleshooting.

With the support of Primus logo RGB official, PUTIH KHMER IMPORT ensures professional maintenance on all Primus logo RGB official equipment, with original spare parts. Our team already have one technician with 15 years background in Europe and one local trained technician.